and we like to put things together

Our studio makes unique, high quality products in unlikely material combinations.

Founded in 2013, the halohalo world comprises of three brands: halohalohome, halohalobags, and GoodTimes.

It all started with a banig..

pink and blue banig early collection

and then a bag..

the bulsa bag pink and blue, pink and red


a companion to carry
while it carries you, too
big, small, light, or heavy
halohalobags will always get you

Palad bag, Paypay bag, and Dalaga bag

then something for your home...

easy chair


intention in every weave
creating space for you to breathe
greetings from halohalohome
you’ll never want to leave

easy chair

custom made couch sampaguita showroom

and for when you're on the go...

the villa crop in blue the cabana top the villa crop in orange
Summer Rosas, 2021


sunny days and dewy grass ocean breeze– maybe a wine glass? dressed for daytime or downtime, you’re in for some GoodTimes

the wrap top its fashion baby, 2020

the wrap top its fashion baby, 2020

spice it up with

Cabana in Midnight Mabuhay
Cabana in Krema Paraiso
Cabana Set in Midnight Mabuhay